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“Only they who already understand can listen.”  
Heidegger, Being & Time

No one needs to face life challenges on their own.

Are you finding life hard to deal with right now?

Are you struggling to let go of the past which is impacting your present? 

Deciding to work with a therapist may be daunting but you have at least taken the first step in your journey if you are already reading this. 

The therapy service that I offer is collaborative and supportive. Developing a therapeutic relationship with you is the foundation of the work that we can do together.

To start this journey book an appointment today! 


All about Therapy

Personalized Attention for All Your Needs

People seek psychotherapy for different reasons, one may wish to speak about painful emotions or may want to learn more about themselves, explore ideas, and thoughts, and get in touch with their feelings which sometimes can be intense. Individuals may wish to discuss problems they are currently experiencing or make sense of past experiences which may be unpleasant or traumatic.

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