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How I Work

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

In a safe and confidential therapeutic space, I will be there to help you to explore your past and present life experiences, to make sense of personal beliefs, values, hopes, and visions. I will assist you to come to terms and acceptance of your past which is impacting the present. I will assist you to create personal meanings in your present and future projects. And above all, I will help you to find balance in life.

As my background is in existential philosophy and psychology, I focus on your unique way of being, subjective experiences, exploring your choices within limitations, and your responsibilities for your actions.  Although I am existentially oriented in my therapeutic approach, I will always look to work with you in a collaborative way applying the right modality of therapy for your specific needs.

Together we will work on your awareness and find new ways of relating to the world. This will open you up to engaging more fully with life and finding new opportunities for growth and change.  The process will also help you to build up your self-esteem, self-confidence, and resilience and make you stronger to face future life challenges.

We will look at where you have come from, where you are currently at, and where you would like to go from here, along with trying to find a way to achieve that in the best possible way.

My clients have always found it useful to examine their lives within the four existential dimensions that are usually addressed in existential therapy, and these are universal to everyone. So, we would explore your lived experiences, through the lens of the personal, physical, social, and spiritual dimensions of your lived world. I will work passionately with you to address your unique way of making sense of your world at your pace and intensity. I will always meet you where you are rather than where you ought to be.

I offer long-term therapy, as I believe any examination and exploration of your inner and outer life can be a long process and can typically take up to a year at least. However, I also work on a short-term basis if you need to address a specific kind of issue with a specific objective or aim.

Issues one may wish to discuss in therapy include:

  • Self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Sadness and depression

  • Anxiety

  • Anger

  • Guilt, regret, and shame

  • Loneliness and isolation

  • Stress and burn-out, career issues or academic stress, performance anxiety

  • Addiction

  • Sexuality, gender identity

  • Identity, migration challenges, sense of belonging

  • Cross-cultural issues

  • Relationships and intimacy

  • Parenting challenges and generational gap


“Life as a therapist is a life of service in

which we daily transcend our personal wishes and turn our gaze toward the needs and growth of the other. We take pleasure not only in the growth of our patient but also in the ripple effect, the salutary influence our patients have upon those whom they touch in life.”

Irvin D. Yalom, The Gift of Therapy

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